how to get clients

How To Get More Clients In 4 Steps

The ability to sell has kept food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. I may be bad at many things, but selling is not one of those things. Put me in a room with someone interested in building a brand and

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word of mouth marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing Made Easy 

Word of mouth marketing isn’t luck. It’s a strategy anyone can craft. Think about the brands in your life. I’ll bet you can describe what each is about in a few words.  Apple is about design.  Nike is about human performance.  Walmart is about saving

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If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably meant to be. Let’s jump on a call to discuss your needs and our solutions.

How To Create A Brand Positioning Strategy

You can’t copy a market leader’s strategy and expect to win. Copying what the industry heavyweights are doing is a recipe for getting your ass handed to you. The secret to success as a small company is finding holes in the big players’ strategies. That’s

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From Living In A Tent To 8-Figure Company

My father was my idol. He built a chain of twenty-seven women’s clothing stores from scratch. And when I say from scratch, I mean from nothing. This is the true tale of how one entrepreneur went from living in a tent to running an eight-figure

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