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How To Get More Clients In 4 Steps

The ability to sell has kept food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. I may be bad at many things, but selling is not one of those things.

Put me in a room with someone interested in building a brand and I have a high probability of closing the deal. Clients often choose us over less expensive options because I present a more persuasive case than competitors.

This isn’t some magical skill or natural talent. Selling can be broken down into 4 steps you can learn and master. And as a fellow service business owner, I feel it’s my duty to share what I’ve learned about getting clients. Soak the below steps in and you’ll be slinging services left and right. 

Step 1: Narrow The Target 

Define who you want as a customer and how you’re going to make them aware you exist as a solution to their problem. Your goal is to attract a steady pipeline of these people. Selling is easier and more efficient if you’re selling to people who want what you have to offer. Your message will tickle their eardrums and calm their nerves. 

Sales should be about matching a person with a need with the right product rather than persuading someone to buy something. 

Step 2: Listen

Listening is the most underrated skill in business. I used to get on the phone and jump right into pitching. I was so eager to close a sale that I didn’t give the potential client a chance to tee it up for me. In short, I was stupid.

Let the client tell you what they want. Given the chance, they’ll spell out exactly what they need. Selling is a breeze if they need what you offer. If what they describe isn’t a fit, you can politely exit the call and save everyone time.

Step 3: Present A Clear Process

This step has been the most significant revenue generator for Special Sauce. Developing a clear process we follow has made selling easy. We paint a picture of what the client can expect if they choose to partner with us. Clients want to know they’re entrusting their business with someone who has their sh*t together.

I encourage you to focus on this step. This will make your business easier to market, sell, and operate.

Step 4: Be Confident In Your Pricing

We’re not cheap, but we are a tremendous value. We offer small and midsize companies a fully functional brand and marketing department for the cost of one competent employee. If you just look at our cost per month it may seem expensive until you look at it against trying to hire a CMO, strategists, designers, developers, writers, performance marketers, and the full team of experts we carry.

Because of this, we’re confident in the pricing we offer and I don’t discount.

Find a way to anchor your pricing. What can you use to make people see the value they’re receiving?

Full disclaimer

I’m no Grant Cardone and I have zero formal sales training. This is all purely from trial and many, many, many errors. I’m simply sharing what generates revenue for us and our clients. That said, I guarantee you’ll see an increase in revenue if you implement these four steps. You’ll become more confident in what you’re offering and how you offer it to people. I’ll bet you find that confidence is contagious. 

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