We use these strategy, branding, and marketing services to increase your revenue.

Brand Recipe Sprint

What’s the ideal outcome for your brand? The Brand Recipe Sprint maps the path from wherever you are today to that destination. All projects start with this research, brand message, and marketing plan development phase to set you up for success. We’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups find their Brand Recipe. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Evaluate your product, brand, website, and marketing against the competition
  • Step 2: Provide a complete demand generation assessment of your company
  • Step 3: Create a brand message guideline to ensure a clear brand story is being told
  • Step 4: Develop a marketing and growth plan

Brand Recipe Details

Naming, Branding, and Website

The true benefit of branding is buyers will choose you regardless of price, convenience, or other options. We help you use your brand and website to stand out from the competition and connect with the right buyers. We’ve helped everyone from billion-dollar brands to startups create the right name, visual identity, brand message, and website to drive growth. Branding and website services we offer:

  • Company name development
  • Product name development
  • Brand positioning and message clarification
  • Product roadmap and positioning
  • Visual identity design (logo, icon, font system, business cards, photography style, and brand guidelines)
  • Tagline writing (a.k.a. your verbal logo)
  • Website plan, copywriting and design

Let’s Do This

Marketing Plan & Training

We believe marketing is about delivering value to the right people to earn their trust and open their wallets. It’s an approach called inbound marketing. We’ll lay out a full marketing plan and train you and your team to execute. Here’s a closer look at the process:

  • Define the goal we’re trying to hit
  • Plan your full marketing funnel (how we’ll drive awareness, interest, purchases, and loyalty)
  • Pick the marketing engine that fits your skills and resources (writing, video, audio)
  • Identify the right social channels to drive awareness (focus on channels where your buyers are)
  • Develop your weekly content schedule
  • Structure your paid campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, etc…) to increase awareness
  • Train your team to execute your inbound marketing strategy (unless you just want us to do it)

Build My Marketing System

Your Marketing Department

We won’t blow smoke up your blog. Producing badass content every week is hard, but that’s where we can help. We’ll keep your brand pumping out stories that captivate the right folks. We handle the heavy lifting of getting customers and clients to find you through content that provides value. You can think of us as an extension of your team—the one responsible for driving demand in the door. The specific deliverables are based on your industry, goals, and needs, but here are a few of the areas we take off your hands:

  • Writing blog posts to power your blog
  • Crafting compelling articles for industry publications
  • Managing your social media content development and engagement
  • Building lead magnets to drive list growth
  • Creating automated email sequences
  • Producing your weekly email newsletter
  • Pushing the right traffic with Google ads
  • Developing LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns to pour fuel on the fire
  • Executing influencer marketing campaigns
  • Negotiating brand and media partnerships

Bring Me Buyers