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Naming Agency

Company & Product Names

Wendy’s, Starbucks, Pepsi, and Walmart have all changed their logos over the years (multiple times in some cases), but there’s no way they’d ever change their name. It’s their most valuable asset.

Your name is the one thing people know, say and share. We make sure you have one that is timeless, memorable, flexible, ownable, and rolls off the tongue. You sit back and relax while we handle the research, concept development, trademark research, and trademark filing for you.

Our Team Has Named:

Tech Startups, Countless Restaurants & Bars, CBD Brands, Bicycle Retail Concepts, Institutional Investment Firms, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Companies, CPG Products, Products For Billion-Dollar Brands

Marketing System

Growth Recipe System

A clear plan for driving new business in the door (virtual or real).

Our team will help you identify the right market, clarify your message, design your brand assets, and build your marketing system. This program is about developing a brand that appeals to the right people and the tactical marketing execution to convert them into customers.

Growth Recipe Includes:

Identifying Your Niche, Clarifying Your Brand Message, Streamlining Product Offerings, Designing Your Visual Identity, Building Your Website, Planning Your Marketing, Setting Up Google/Facebook Ads Accounts, Creating & Optimizing Campaigns

Company and Product Naming Agency - Brand Strategy

Clarify Your Brand Message

Is everyone on your team telling the same story? Is there a disconnect between your website, marketing, and sales efforts?

We’ll help you identify the proper strategy, clarify your message, and craft a story you can own. Our process simplifies communication so that customers get the same message at every touchpoint. Let’s inject a little badass into your story and make it memorable.

Our Team Has Positioned:

Software Companies, Medical Devices, CBD Brands, Restaurant Chains, Health Startups, Tech Startups, Investment Firms, Real Estate Firms, Retailers, Numerous CPG Products

Product Naming Agency and Brand Strategy

Content & Digital Marketing

We use a proprietary technique called The Saturation Method of marketing to catapult your awareness, trust, and new customer acquisition efforts.

The Saturation Method gains rapid traction in a specific niche. We’ll help you identify the proper customer group, lay out a content marketing plan, structure Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and an email marketing strategy to capture the attention of your market. Once set up, we provide comprehensive training to your team to take over management, or handle the ongoing management for you if you prefer.

Saturation Method Includes:

Content Marketing Strategy, Blog Content Development, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Email Marketing Strategy/Execution

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