The 12 Best Email Newsletters To Feed Your Inbox

I was never a big email newsletter type of person. I don’t like checking my email, and to be frank, it gives me anxiety just watching the notifications add up. Most of the time I resort to hitting “select all” and marking them as read, just to alleviate my OCD itch. I lived by this practice until 2018 when I stumbled into Sticky Notes—a weekly dispatch of stories and anecdotes that helps one market less like a jackass and more like a human. I was hooked immediately. 

Little did I know this small taste would snowball into a full-blown email newsletter addiction. The old me wouldn’t give away my contact information if you offered to pay for it in cash. Now, all it took was an enchanting subject line and a compelling name—talking about fiend. 

Since then, I’ve dabbled in everything—seriously everything. Looking for a marketing newsletter that won’t put you to sleep? I’ve got the stuff. Have you been looking for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial amphetamine? I know a guy. Do you want to take a hit of some laughing gas from your inbox? I have what you want. Consider me the newsletter narco for all your marketing and content needs. 

As such, I feel as though it is my duty to give you a little taste of the newsletter underground, you know, that black market look. So I’ve taken to my inbox and other fellow narcos to bring you the best collection of newsletters you should be reading. Check it out…


Daily Newsletters

The Hustle

The Hustle is built for those who do just that—hustle. It’s a daily source for intriguing information and stimulating stories that educate people on business and marketing. It’s one of the fastest-growing media companies in the world and hits over 1 million inboxes on the regular. If you’re a fan of the backdoor stories you won’t hear in the news, The Hustle will have everything you’re looking for and then some.    

Morning Brew

Long gone are the days of kicking back with your dark roast and flipping through the daily paper. Morning brew is a caffeinated cup squeezed into your digital screen. Their goal is to give you all the news in 5 minutes or less. Consider it the fast-food version of a newsletter, except this stuff is great for your health. 

The Daily Skimm

The Daily Skimm is another top choice for those looking to get their hands on a daily dose of quality news—none of that fugazi stuff. From politics to money, media stories to daily quotes, the DailySkimm covers everything female millennials need to stay in the know. Don’t shy away from it guys, this is badass. 


Marketing Newsletters 

The Recipe from Special Sauce

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “don’t get high on your own supply”—well we’re ignoring it. The recipe is a Friday morning gift to your inbox where you’ll learn how to strengthen your brand and get more out of your marketing. This is the good-good, that top-shelf product

Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

Seth Godin has the most popular blog in the world—not quite, but you could most definitely call him the OG blogger. With 19 best-sellers under his belt, the guy is considered a marketing deity, and I understand why. His short teasers give you the quick bump you need to start marketing like a machine—plus his blog is stacked with over 7000 articles. 

Orbit Media

For those who prefer a less frequent dosage, Orbit media will hook you up every two weeks with the essentials for marketing. They take a more conventional approach, linking everything back to their blog, which is again, a trove of marketing nuggets. If listicles are your thing or you just want to learn how to take a perfect selfie, best believe this is the newsletter for you. 


Entrepreneurship Newsletters 

3-2-1 by James Clear

Mr. Clear, author of Automic Habits, has a concoction all his own that has me rushing to my inbox every Thursday. It’s called the 3-2-1—3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question. You’d think this might get old after a while, but time after time, he delivers and I’m never left disappointed. If you’re that entrepreneur that likes to jot down motivational quotes on your bathroom mirror, you need this in your life. 

5 Ideas for the Interested

For the interested is the smorgasbord of entrepreneurial articles. Josh Spector works each week to gather the best stories and insights that help people produce, promote, and profit from their creations. This collection is a constant source of inspiration and ideas if you tend to find yourself short on them lately. 

The Crux by Ascent Strategy

Ascent is legit—probably more legit than most of the newsletters in your inbox now. Sophia Sunwoo was 19 when she started hustling her business and was making TEDx talks by the time she was 24. She is the ultimate empowerer and proves it with her content. If there’s somebody you should be getting weekly advice from, it’s her. 


Copywriting Newsletters

Sticky Notes by Honey Copy

Remember that newsletter stimulant I told you about earlier? This is it. Sticky notes will change the way you look at storytelling and give every writer the swift kick to the groin that they need. Blunt and honest, it’s a weekly reminder that there’s always room for improvement and that the best stories don’t come from great writers, but great listeners. If you prefer a little angst in your morning read, try this on for size. 

Very Good Copy

Copywriters take note, you need this newsletter. Eddie takes a great approach tackling all things copywriting with his mixture of micro interviews with industry experts, as well as his short stories. He delivers a lot in his short emails. 

Talking Shrimp

If the name didn’t sell you, the content sure as hell will. Those who want to become better writers or just read better words on a regular basis need some Talking Shrimp. Laura Belgray brings a completely new style to copywriting that is offensive and arrogant, and downright effective— just the way us writers like it. 

There it is, a carefully curated list of all the newsletters that will heighten your senses and make you a better marketer, writer, entrepreneur, creator, and person. 

If you’re looking to create your own newsletter, Inbox Expert will help you get a kick-ass newsletter off the ground. For more delightful marketing tips, give us your info and we will be sure to deliver on our promise of top-shelf stories.  


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