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Build a priceless asset for your business.

Turn emails into money.
Inbox Expert is a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of the email newsletter.
Social media is great for gaining awareness, but nothing converts browsers into buyers like emails. This course gives you everything you need to plan, build, launch, and grow an email newsletter.
Learn it for your brand, or level up your skills so you can deliver results for clients and become an irreplaceable partner.

Hi, I’m Andrew, an Inc. 5000 recipient, the Founder of Special Sauce, and the creator of Inbox Expert.

I send an email newsletter every Friday morning called The Recipe. In the last year, it’s produced six figures of additional revenue for my company. I started sending it after selling my previous business to my partner and founding Special Sauce…

At the time, I was scared sh%tless because I was starting over from scratch with Special Sauce.

No clients. No social media profiles. No blog. No audience.

I was truly back to square one after building up a successful agency for 13 years.

But I have a passion for what I do and a love for helping other businesses. I knew there was something I could do with that.

Long story short, I decided to give an email newsletter a shot. I thought it would be good for me and for the folks on my list if I shared what I’ve learned through 15 years of trial and error and hundreds of client projects.

I’ll spare you the details, but let’s say that when I committed, I went all in and have never looked back.

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made as a business owner. My email newsletter led to growth for Special Sauce and the best financial year I’ve had in a very long time.

I had no idea that my humble little email newsletter would turn into a catalyst for growth and spread into an obsession with providing value through words, but that’s exactly what happened.

I’ve since helped numerous clients start their own email newsletters. They’ve experienced similar success and I decided it was time to share my recipe. So, here we are…

Stop building Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.

Instagram and Facebook are great for driving awareness, but you don’t own them.

Mark and crew can pull the rug out from under you whenever they want. Don’t believe me?

Just look at the algorithm changes to Facebook a couple of years ago that eliminated our ability to reach anyone who follows us without paying.

What’s to stop Zuck from doing the same thing with Instagram?

The answer…nothing.

Like I said, Facebook and Instagram are valuable awareness platforms, but you should be using them to drive people to an asset you own…your email list.

Nobody can take your email list away from you. Everyone on your list has given you a personal invitation to their inbox.

It’s the one proven channel that will outlive the popularity of social networks. And best of all, it’s yours.

You’ll get emails like these…

How do I know an email newsletter will make you money?

Because I’m walking, talking, and writing proof. My weekly email generated over $100,000 in additional revenue in 2019, and my email list is small.

The best part, I didn’t have to beg people to buy or bludgeon them with aggressive selling. I simply write about topics I know, provide value every Friday to my community, and they reach out when they’re ready to buy.

You can easily replicate my results, you just need a simple recipe to follow.

What if I don’t have a big email list, or I’m starting with zero subscribers?

That’s fine. I don’t have a huge email list either. Sure, mine is growing thanks to consistent execution and dedication to the community, but I got my first client from email marketing when my list was only 100 people.

This program will show you how to build, execute, and grow your email newsletter so you can flatten out the revenue rollercoaster and stop praying for work to walk in your door.

But why would anyone want an email newsletter from me? I feel like an imposter.

In one afternoon, you will:

  • Clarify what goal sending emails will help you achieve
  • Identify who you want on your list
  • Select which type of email you’ll send (from the big 3 formats)
  • Name your email newsletter
  • Select your email marketing software
  • Create your email capture page
  • Write your welcome email
  • Land your first 50 subscribers
  • Learn how to grow your list with the right marketing
  • Get a guide of email marketing best practices
  • Access a library of email newsletter examples, resources, and inspiration
  • Complete your Email Newsletter Planner documenting your progress and walking you through step-by-step

I know, that seems crazy to knock all of that out in one afternoon, but it’s not and here’s why…

I’ve structured this course into quick modules that are accompanied by an execution worksheet. Where needed, I give you templates to follow, scripts to use, and examples to reference.

This course is predominantly written content as I believe you learn better and progress more quickly when information is delivered in written form where it is easily reread, copied and pasted, and simple to find again without going into a video to search.

Inbox Expert Course Includes

Chapter 1: Plan

  • 1.1 – Why are you sending emails?
  • 1.2 – Who do you want on your list?
  • 1.3 – How will they benefit?
  • 1.4 – What type of email and how often?
  • 1.5 – Put it together into your Email Manifesto

Chapter 2: Build

  • 2.1 – Name your email newsletter
  • 2.2 – Pick the right email marketing service
  • 2.3 – Create your email capture page
  • 2.4 – Hook readers with your welcome email

Chapter 3: Launch

  • 3.1 – Launch your badass new email newsletter
  • 3.2 – Grow your list
  • 3.3 – Follow these best practices

Chapter 4: Resources

  • 4.1 – Example Library
  • 4.2 – Tools
We all feel like that at first. The one thing I can guarantee is that you have value to provide to the world. You just need to find the right format.

You may be a better fit for a curation email where you find wonderful wisdom from other experts to share, or maybe you’re sharing your journey and helping people that are one step behind you.

Long story short, there is a community waiting on what you have to provide.

Includes the Email Newsletter Planner workbook

30-Day 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We’ve packed a lot into Inbox Expert, but we’ve made it digestible enough to go through in one solid afternoon. I want you to be able to take action and launch a thriving email newsletter, this afternoon. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to do that after the course, I’ll give your money back.

It’s simple. Join the program and complete every module. If the thorough step-by-step guide doesn’t get you up and running, I want you to email me. Send me your completed Email Newsletter Planner and I’ll send your money back with no questions asked.

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