Special Sauce

How To Win The Hearts & Wallets Of Customers


Walmart. Save money.

Nike. Just Do It.

Disney. Most magical place on earth.

Great brands focus on conveying one story. Relentless execution of a clear story is what made them remarkable brands in the first place.

I’m not talking about taglines, although a tagline may be an important part of conveying your story. Walmart has changed taglines without changing their story. They simply found a tagline that helps better tell their story.

Compelling stories are simple, clear, and emotional. Walmart, Nike, and Disney all use these ingredients.

The often missed Special Sauce in all of these examples is empathy. These brands don’t tell the story from their perspective. They don’t try to jam benefits and features down our throat.

Walmart, Nike, and Disney have all mastered the art of understanding what their customer wants, needs, and desires. They take that understanding and spin it into a story where their customers see themselves.

Nike Find Your Greatness Campaign Example

Few campaigns exemplify this better than the Find Your Greatness campaign by Nike.

We can all learn something from these brands. Every business has the opportunity to write their own story.

Stop thinking about what you offer for a moment, and start thinking about what your customers want, need, and desire.

Once you nail the story, relentlessly execute like Walmart, Nike, and Disney.

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