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Andrew Holliday | Founder of Special Sauce

Special Sauce
Growth System

We fire up demand for your brand in three steps.



We start with research into your products, brand, website, marketing, competition, and industry. We identify how your brand can beat the competition and turn it into a clear strategy for world market domination.


We use company name development, logo design, and brand story writing to make your company stand out from the competition and charm the pants off buyers. Creative solutions that increase sales (not just look pretty).



We build a marketing system that pulls motivated buyers to you. We’ll train your team to execute it, or we’re happy to act as your marketing department charged with producing articles, blog posts, emails, and ads that generate revenue.

Are we right for you?

We’re probably your brand’s soulmate, but sometimes we need a short chat to find out for sure. You can tell us all about your challenges and goals. We’ll tell you all about our process. By the end of the call, we’ll know if we’re meant to create marketing magic together.

Take Their Word For It

We totally get it if you don’t want to take our word for it, but don’t you dare call these fine people liars.

"Andrew’s process has been incredible for Leaders on Purpose. Over the last year, he has helped us create a clear, bold brand and a compelling communication strategy. We have a diverse group of stakeholders, each with complex and sometimes difficult to understand language about what we do. Andrew met with us and listened deeply to where we wanted to go, who we wanted to target and what we wanted to accomplish. Then, in short, order developed a clear and inspiring brand story for us. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Christa Gyori, MBA | CEO & Co-Founder, Leaders on Purpose

“Andrew’s been the north star for our brand since day one. His instincts are second-to-none, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner to shepherd our messaging and positioning into a very competitive market."

Quinn Emmett | Chief Evangelist, Important Not Important

"Andrew really cares if his clients are happy and will work with them until they are. What more can you ask for? He is the special sauce."

Katie Drucker | Good Good Realty

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