Special Sauce


Helping Hackers GENER8 Some Game

Services Provided
  • Brand Recipe™
  • Product Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Product Graphics
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Advertising Campaign
Aerotech is a leading golf shaft manufacturer known for their flagship SteelFiber line. They turned to us to help them find the Special Sauce for their revolutionary new player improvement shaft. They needed the right name, personality for the brand, and to identify what attributes to stress to connect with the player improvement market and OEM partners (their primary customer).
Through the Brand Recipe™ process we were able to hone in on increased distance as the story to tell. The name Gener8 and the phrase “Speed, Power, Distance” make it impossible for the average golfer to ignore that this shaft will take them to the promised land of long balls and lower scores. Design, copywriting, and shaft graphics were all created to reinforce this message and make the shaft stand out from competitor brands.
Aerotech has the player improvement shaft they need to compliment their core SteelFiber brand. The shaft is lined up for a breakout year with nationwide distribution in the largest custom fitting centers and key OEM partnerships.

Andrew and the Special Sauce Team did a masterful job with two projects that included brand names, brand script, logos and cosmetics. I appreciate their disciplined yet creative approach.

– RAY LUCAS, VP Global Sales & Business Development

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