Why You Should Start Rewarding Your Zits With Gold Stars


Picture this…

It’s Friday morning and 14-year-old you just woke up to a small volcano erupting off the front of your forehead. 

Its red edges and noticeable pressure tells you that this is not just another dormant face volcano, but rather the Vesuvius of pimples ready to explode. I’ll spare you the dirty details (see any pimple popping video on YouTube) and tell you about the aftermath…

First, it’s overwhelming redness—that kind when someone you’ve got a crush on tells you they like you back and your eyes flush, while your face fills with a cherry-red glow. 

Then comes scarring, almost like that of a brand that one puts on cattle, marking your forehead with a subconscious but known identifier, that “this person struggles with acne.” 

Fast forward a few days later and you confront the ultimate obstacle of going back to school on Monday knowing you’ve got yourself a Harry Potter-esque scar traversing across your frontal lobe, while small minefields of other pimples push their way to the surface. 

And it goes on and on…

Face creams, patches, steroids, ProActiv—if there’s a way to rid your face of pain-in-the-ass pimples you’ve tried it and still can’t stop them.

A battle against the small but mighty enemy. 

This is what many of us deal with when we’re young and grow into our older years—a physical change that spawns an internal battle about beauty and as a result, you find yourself further from a solution and deeper in the hole of low self-esteem. 

Personally, I was never a fan of the acne solutions, they always made my skin dry and cracked like a photograph of salt flats in Utah, along with the massive insecurity of knowing I had to “take a prescription” to kill off my acne.

Those days are behind me now, and luckily I can grow myself a beard that covers up the occasional pimple, but I never forget about them and the ways that I fought against myself for those few years. 

So when I stumbled across Starface Hydro Stars recently it was almost as if the skin gods had granted my wish 8 years after I put it into the galaxy. 

Starface is the pimple preventing solution that’s focused on acne-positivity

What is acne positivity you ask? 

Instead of vigorously picking away at your acne, Starface is all about making the experience of zapping zits fun, feel-good, and focused on positive outcomes. 

Where did Starface come from?

Credit: https://starface.world/

The idea was born out of the experiences of Elle Magazine’s former beauty director, Julie Schott. After years of using makeup to conceal her acne, she knew there had to be a better way to embrace her own skin and show it off like the star of the show.

The more I messed with my pimples, the more sensitive and inflamed my skin became as if begging to be left alone and treated more gently. Once I stopped caking my spots in foundation and concealer during the day, and drying treatments at night, I began to feel better, which is all that matters ultimately. That’s where Starface comes from, wanting to bring optimism to a difficult time.

Coined the “stylish acne patch”, Starface takes a different approach to eliminating pimples while embracing the beauty of your own skin. This focus has made them a star contender in the skincare space over the last 3 years. 

So what makes Starface different from all the other skincare brands you see on the shelves?

Credit: https://starface.world/

The problem was clear—pimples suck, acne is awful, but the way we talk about it is even worse. 

The solution—a simple, paraben-free, pimple patch that makes treating your tiny spots easy, fun, and Instragrammable.

Seeing a dermatologist or working with a skin specialist is expensive and time-consuming, meanwhile, spot treatment solutions can also come at a hefty price both in cost and potential skin damage. 

Starface Hydro Stars eliminate all of these issues. These little gel guys, filled with hydrocolloid, can be slapped on any part of your face and stay there for 6-8 hours, resulting in smooth, spot-free skin. 

The star design wasn’t just for show either—it actually works as a multi-functional edge that can fit onto any spot of any face, without coming off. Plus, who doesn’t remember getting a gold star in school as a kid? Only this gold star is all about feeling good for being perfectly yourself. 

Best believe Starface doesn’t stop at Hydro Stars either. They have an entire line of skincare products—eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% organic—that complement your stardom. Did I mention it all comes in a neon yellow kit adorned with smiley stars that greet you before you commence your skin showdown?

Why would anyone want to put a star on their pimples? 

Credit: https://starface.world/

If you’ve never had a pimple in your entire life, I’d tell you to run for the hills and rejoice in the fact that the skins gods blessed you with a stainless complexion. For the 95% of the world that does encounter the occasional pimple or full-fledged acne attacks, Starface does more than solve a simple skincare problem. 

It all starts with the approach—one that is unintimidating and rather inviting. Check out their website right here and tell me it doesn’t feel like a personalized myspace from circa 2005. The blast of yellow screams out at you while the playful site interactions feel less like a dermatologist’s office and more like a Pinterest pinboard. 

They further that friendly feel with a clear and compelling statement that anyone can get behind—“effective, dermatologist-approved, skincare that treats acne with kindness.” Sounds pretty legit to me. 

Then they back it up with the facts—each star is filled with hydrocolloid, an organic compound used in surgical dressings, that fights off unwanted puss and bacteria, and replenishes the skin. 

And all of this is done while you sleep, study, watch Netflix, plan world domination, learn a new language–pretty much anything you can think of. 

So when you ask why would you put a star on your pimple the real question is why wouldn’t you?

Pimples aren’t problems, they’re simply a part of everyday life. 

Starface is not about perfect faces, in fact, they might be the biggest fans of acne, other than your mom who DMs you Dr. Pimple Popper videos every single day. They’re about self-satisfaction and they’re serving it up in a way that no other skincare brand has done before. 

It’s going against the grain of their industry, sending ripples of acne positivity across social media and onto the faces of young and old people alike.

They looked at the big problem—acne and self-negativity—and told them to piss off with a star-studded lineup of products that get rid of the facial pests and restore confidence in the person. 

At the end of the day, there aren’t many brands out there doing that and the ones that do should be recognized for it. Starface is one problem brand that’s got it figured out, and those looking to make a lasting impact such as theirs should sit back and take a few notes on what it means to be a true problem solver.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably meant to be. Let’s jump on a call to discuss your needs and our solutions.