Why People Worship Tony Robbins

The Tony Robbins brand does three things:

  1. Promises a better life.
  2. Showcases Tony’s powerful personality.
  3. Exudes a passion for helping people.

In other words, Big T has mastered the 3 P’s of branding. These aren’t magic. You can leverage the same triggers to build your brand. It’s not easy, but it’s a powerful combination once you get the recipe right.

1. Promise

Your ideal customers are looking for a solution to their problem. Your message needs to make a promise on how you’re going to solve that problem. As I’ve said before, make a big promise and back it up with proof. Don’t be afraid to go big if you have the proof to back up what you’re promising.

Tony Robbins is the master of this technique. What’s his promise? A better life. Who doesn’t want a better life? People land on Tony’s site and attend his events wanting the answer to their life problems. You’d have to be blind, dumb, and deaf not to catch on to what Tony Robbins is offering.

Potential customers want you to have the answer. Your promise is like a lighthouse for a ship lost at sea. The right customers will be relieved to see the light of your brand. They’ve been stranded at sea looking for a savior. Toss those poor bastards some light and lead them ashore.

2. Personality

Nobody wants to watch paint dry. Unfortunately, that’s what the majority of brand messages feel like. They’re jargon-filled BS because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Don’t be like everyone else in your industry. Stand out and make a statement with your brand message. Use some personality to create a pattern interrupt that draws people in and makes them want to do business with you.

“What will people say if we inject a little humor or wit into our website and marketing?”

I’ll tell you what customers will say, “Thank goodness!”

And you’re competitors, they’ll be thinking, “Man, I wish that was us.”

Tony Robbins certainly doesn’t hide his magnetic personality. He says fuck, gets in your face, cries, hugs people, and makes you feel like you’re talking with someone who cares. Showcasing his personality has worked out pretty well for him. Not convinced? See Gary Vaynerchuck, Dollar Shave Club, and damn near every YouTube sensation making $10,000,000 for examples of brands winning at business because of their personality.

I can hear you now, “This won’t work for me. I’m in a boring industry.”

That’s not an excuse. Even the most boring industries have an opportunity to stand out with personality. In fact, I love working with companies in boring industries. All I have to do is bring some personality into play and they’re immediately differentiated from everyone else spitting out the same bland junk.

3. Passion

The third and final magic button can’t be faked. You either have it or you don’t. Passion for what you do bleeds through in every aspect of your business. I have a high close rate with potential clients because I’m passionate about what I do.

Is there any doubt that Tony Robbins is passionate? As mentioned above, the guy is shouting, singing, smiling, laughing, crying, and cussing all in the span of an hour. It’s a bit difficult to miss that passion.

All of my most successful clients and friends share this attribute. We’re all obsessed with different things, but we all have passion. When you truly have that burning in your belly, it’s a differentiator. You’ll be amazed at how people are drawn to brands that care.

That’s The 3 P’s

Master those three P’s and you’ll stand out like Tony Robbins in a Speedo. Sorry for painting that picture, but it’s true. Most brands aren’t successfully leveraging any of the 3 P’s. Imagine the potential if you made a big promise, said it with some personality, and then let your passion shine. I’m not saying you’re going to be a millionaire, but I’m not saying you won’t either.

Get started with the right brand script.

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