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Perfection Is The Enemy Of Progress | Quick Wins Episode 4


You’re going to suck…

at first.

This is an absolute truth.

Writing, design, videos, marketing, sports, music, and all other worthwhile pursuits take practice.

It’s also true that you’ll get better with repetition.

I found every excuse not to venture into the terrifying world of video, but I finally took the leap last week.

And my first few videos are embarrassingly bad.

In fact, they’re bad enough that my 13-year old son almost disowned me. As he said,

“Dad, this is kind of embarrassing. You need some sick edits and an intro.”

He’s right. My first few videos are embarrassing. I certainly don’t have any sick edits or a flashy intro.

But…I started.

My first few videos may look like terrorist propaganda, but I’m getting better with each one. I’m learning the lessons that can only be learned through doing the damn thing. I’ve invested in a new iPhone 11 Pro, gimbal, and some basic lighting that will take my production game up several notches.

I proved the concept, got something into the world, and now I’m going to polish it into the type of production I can proudly display.

I invite you to do two things today:

1. Come subscribe to my YouTube channel, watch my progress, and learn some marketing gems along the way. Don’t worry, my son is going to help with the production so it won’t be like watching a terrorist toss out marketing tips.

2. Start that thing that scares you. You’re going to suck, but you’ll get better. Small brands, big brands, new brands, and old brands all fear the unfamiliar. Don’t let fear prevent progress. The only way to evolve is to try.

As the wise person (that nobody knows) who coined this quote said,

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

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