It’s Hard To Buy From The Invisible Man

People must be aware you exist before they can buy from you.

This seems like an obvious statement. Every funnel on the planet starts with awareness sitting up top. They all look something like this…

Awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Loyalty > Advocacy

Unfortunately, many of us try to build businesses that skip the awareness and consideration steps.

Your head is telling you…

“Our customers will tell everyone they know because they love us. We don’t have to write blog posts, produce videos, buy ads, or send compelling emails. All we have to do is make our customers happy and more will come.”

This ain’t Field Of Dreams.

I’m not throwing stones. I convinced myself this was true with my old agency.

And we did get more than our fair share of referrals and repeat business, but not enough to drive the consistent, steady, and predictable growth you want as a business. Our revenue graph looked like a mountain range.

Some months were monsters and some were scary thin. We were completely reliant on loyalty and advocacy. We were putting all of the onus on our customers to grow our business.

Referrals and repeat business are crucial indicators that you’re delivering results for customers. Prove that you can get results for customers before worrying about trying to get more.

However, once you have the product nailed, it’s time to pour fuel on the fire. Every brand must have a method for raising their visibility. This is how you flatten out the revenue roller coaster and guarantee growth. 

Your company will take off when referrals and repeat business are combined with a consistent source of fresh new leads. You’ll be unstoppable when you master the top and bottom of the funnel.

One customer in the top of the funnel leads to multiple customers by the time they hit the bottom. Make sure you’re always pouring new potential customers in the top of that funnel.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably meant to be. Let’s jump on a call to discuss your needs and our solutions.