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How To Make Your Website Sell More


Pain drives us to do crazy things. Whether physical or emotional, we want to avoid it at all costs.

I have chronic back pain. I’d pay a Tibetan Monk to fly to Boulder and heal my back if I knew it would work.

I’m not alone. Pain (or the avoidance of pain) is the greatest motivator for trying anything new.

Yet, most companies spin their wheels preaching about features, benefits, history, and everything else customers don’t want to hear on their website.

Simply tell us how you’re going to solve or prevent our pain. Toss in some social proof to let us know you’re legit and you have a recipe for a persuasive message that will win customers.

We’re all selfish people. We want to know, “What’s in it for me?”

Stop wasting precious space on your website and marketing talking about yourself. You only have a few seconds to convince website visitors that you’re the solution they’ve been seeking.

People buy products and services. Even if you sell B2B services to Fortune 500 companies, there’s a person behind that decision. Find and fix their pains.

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