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How To Get Customers To Tell Their Friends


We all have customer interactions. Do you treat them as transactions or opportunities? I see an opportunity. It’s a time to leave customers feeling good about the money they just spent and anxious to give you more. As they say,

“A customer in hand is worth twenty on Google.”

Well, that’s something I say, but it’s still true. Don’t run off chasing the next customer until you know the one you have is delighted. This is a concept all businesses have heard, but 90% don’t execute.

It’s easy to get focused on customer acquisition, marketing metrics, and funnels and forget about customer satisfaction. The best way to grow a healthy business is to deliver results for the people paying you money. If you do, they’ll tell their friends. If you don’t, they’ll still tell their friends.

Build Better Brand Habits

Don’t leave room for interpretation when it comes to making the right decision. Create habits around finishing strong. Make an exceptional customer experience from start to finish the way you do things as a brand. Take this quote from Atomic Habits to heart,

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

James Clear is talking about your personal habits with this quote, but you can apply the same principle to your business. Every action you take is casting a vote for the type of brand you want to become. If you cast enough votes, it will become a brand habit. Make your company the type of brand that always takes that extra step to delight.

Send that thank you package.

Walk them out to their car.

Write a handwritten note.

Surprise them with a little gift in their order.

It needs to cost you time or money. Something that requires investment (time or money) has a high perceived value. A thank you email doesn’t carry as much weight as a thoughtful handwritten note, or a nice gift.

You’ve done all of the hard work to close a sale. Don’t blow it right at the end. Finish strong and turn customers into advocates. Every interaction is an opportunity to separate your brand from everyone else. Make stealing your customers hard.

If you invest in customer happiness, they’ll invest more in you.

Need help telling your brand’s story? Download this free Brand Script Template to craft an irresistible message for the right customers.

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