How To Create Website Content That Opens Wallets

Website Content

We often obsess over fonts, photography, forms, and SEO and forget the most important function of a website…

Your website exists to move someone from awareness to purchase.

This is true for billion-dollar brands, freelancers, SaaS websites, eCommerce websites, home builder websites, CPG websites, nonprofit websites, and almost every other website on the planet.

The transaction may not happen on your website, but the website exists to convince someone to hand over their money to your organization or business.

Unfortunately, we have the attention spans of goldfish when surfing the digital aisles of the internet.

We’re talking a whopping 3 seconds before a website visitor is ready to move on unless you give them a compelling reason to stay with your website copy.

Here’s a simple recipe you can follow to make your website content more enjoyable, persuasive, and beneficial to your bank account.

The 5 P’s of persuasive website content.

Follow these 5 prompts and I guarantee you’ll end up with a website that makes you money.

1. Promise 

Who’s your customer?

What’s their problem or desire?

How do you help them solve that problem or fulfill that desire?

Put the answers to these questions front and center throughout your website. Make it stupid simple for the right buyers to understand what’s in it for them.

Use our brand script template to craft a strong story that connects with the right buyers.

2. Proof 

Back up your promise with proof that you’ve delivered in the past.

Feature testimonials, client lists, customer stories, case studies, and clear processes that put a buyer’s worries at ease.

I come to your website wanting you to have the answer, but I’m skeptical. I’m worried about making the wrong decision.

Show me you’ve delivered for people in my shoes in the past, and share the process you’ll use to make my problem go away.

3. Passion 

Passion is contagious.

You can feel it when someone is genuinely excited about what they do.

And excitement is one of the best emotions to channel into sales. Don’t hide your passion behind a bunch of jargon.

Speaking of jargon and hiding who you are…

4. Personality

Most websites are jargon-filled dumpsters.

Businesses are terrified of showing anything resembling personality on their website.

Give your website content an honest look this afternoon. Pull every piece of jargon and replace it with language that reflects your brand’s personality. Not only will you be more likable, but I’ll bet you more effectively convey the wonderful solution you provide when the jargon is removed.

There’s no rule against making your website an enjoyable experience. Pop over to our services page or about page to get a taste of how we position ourselves through the copywriting on our website. We’re serious about getting results for clients, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

5. Polish 

Serve up your promise, proof, passion, and personality with some polish.

Adding polish reinforces our proof step from earlier. Polishing your website with a professional design and streamlined experience makes me confident in giving you money.

Nobody will take you seriously if your website looks like something created in 1999.


It’s easy to get caught up in the various aspects of building a website and lose sight of the primary goal—to convert purchases. Put the 5 P’s to work in your website content and I’m confident you’ll make more money.

Grab The Recipe for more actionable strategies like this one.

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