How To Build A Brand That’s Made To Stick

Here’s a little secret nobody tells you about building a brand…

You can be average in almost all categories as long as you’re ‘The’ best, largest, fastest, or some other …est in one category that matters to your customers.

I love the story they tell about this in the book Made To Stick. Southwest Airlines is ‘The cheapest’. They make every decision based on the question,

“Will this help us be ‘The’ low-cost carrier?”

If the answer is no, they don’t do it. If the answer is yes, they push hard.

This logic has kept them profitable when most airlines are fighting for life. In fact, they hit their 47th consecutive year of profitability in 2020.

Even if your brand doesn’t currently own an …est, you should be chasing one.

Decide where your brand is going to be remarkable and consistently cast votes that help you win the title.

It takes focus on one goal to be remarkably better than everyone else. Unfortunately, you can’t focus on one thing without sacrificing elsewhere.

Choose where you’re going to be ‘The …est’ and make every decision for your brand with that as the guide.

People will overlook good in some categories if you’re ‘The …est’ in one that matters.

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