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Commit To A Customer


Our customer is…

This is the first question in our brand script process. Three simple words that can bring the most confident entrepreneurs and marketers to their knees. Almost every client struggles with the idea of possibly alienating people that don’t fit their defined ideal customer.

I understand. I’ve owned businesses for the last 15 years and struggled with this question myself. Even though I know it’s crucial to commit to a specific customer, it’s still agonizing to put yourself inside a box. The demons in my head start asking,

“Am I shooting myself in the foot and leaving business on the table?” 

I have to remind myself of why it’s important to focus on a customer. It’s better to be ‘the’ option for a few than ‘an’ option for everyone. Customers with a serious need are willing to pay for a specialist. Putting yourself inside a box allows you to find the right customers, not just any customer.

Mutually beneficial relationships are born from this dynamic. Your customers get the results they want, and you get fairly compensated for your expertise. On the flip side, companies that chase the broader market are commodities. The lack of an ability to differentiate creates a race to the bottom.

Nobody wins a race to the bottom. 

Commit to a customer and become ‘the’ option. Once you exhaust a small niche you can always pivot to a broader market. Apple, Prana, Facebook, and countless other Fortune 500 companies have followed this precise recipe.

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