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ENAY is a new non-alcoholic brewery looking to break onto the exploding non-alcoholic scene with their debut beer—Day Ripper. The competitive landscape is a land grab by huge craft breweries jumping into the non-alcoholic market, the leading non-alcoholic brewery that dominates shelf space currently, and upstart non-alcoholic brands. To make some noise, Day Ripper needed to stand out on the shelf and demand attention.


We did a full brand and shelf audit of the current craft and non-alcoholic beer space. The competitive analysis made it clear that there’s a hole for a brand with an irreverent personality. For packaging, the current trend is illustrations and bright colors so we went the opposite with a bold and simple color system featuring black and yellow. The color combo not only stands out on shelf, but it also matches the brand’s irreverent and sarcastic attitude.


Day Ripper is rapidly growing across the East Coast, has already expanded brewing capacity to meet demand, and will soon spread west.

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