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Would you buy a saw from a man with missing fingers?

I’m going to share an important lesson about exploiting a competitive advantage, but first, you need to read this true story… “Mike,” Patti said. “You’re going to cut off your fingers.” “No, it’ll be fine, Patti. You just need to know what you’re doing. There are all kinds of safety features on new saws.” Patti and …

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What Is A Brand Promise and How To Write One

Branding jargon is a curse that plagues businesses around the world. It’s hard for me to wade through the bullshit that branding firms and marketing agencies spew out to sound smart—and I’ve been in branding for 16 years.  But not all branding terminology is for posturing and show. Take the concept of a brand promise …

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How Famous Brands Got Their Names

I was conducting my evening scroll through Instagram, as I usually do, when I stumbled into a mysterious brand I had never heard of—Bandulu. The name captured my eyes and the “ulu” echoed in my ears as I said it over and over in my head.  What an impressionable brand name—I didn’t know it’s meaning …

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Your Brand Needs A Rival

“Anytime Michael goes by you — nail him. Put him on the ground on every drive.” – Isiah Thomas People are understandably obsessed with the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance that’s on ESPN right now. The series is crushing ESPN viewing records. It gives us an inside look into Michael Jordan’s final season with the Bulls. …

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5 Famous Rivalries That Shaped Iconic Brands

Rivalries are the best. Growing up a Michigan State fan, I got my hands in a vicious battle with the University of Michigan at a very young age. I remember talking trash to my best friend and neighbor, whose uncle was Michigan Alumni, every time the Spartans squared off against the Wolverines. If they weren’t …

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How To Build A Brand That’s Made To Stick

Here’s a little secret nobody tells you about building a brand… You can be average in almost all categories as long as you’re ‘The’ best, largest, fastest, or some other …est in one category that matters to your customers. I love the story they tell about this in the book Made To Stick. Southwest Airlines …

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How Slack Changed The Way We Communicate At Work With A Brilliant USP

Slack is one of the best accidents in history. Stewart Butterfield, the founder & CEO of Slack, didn’t set out to build the fastest growing business app in history, but he did. I’m going to share the origin story (because it’s interesting) and then we’ll dive into what you can steal from their unique selling proposition. …

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Why People Worship Tony Robbins

The Tony Robbins brand does three things: Promises a better life. Showcases Tony’s powerful personality. Exudes a passion for helping people. In other words, Big T has mastered the 3 P’s of branding. These aren’t magic. You can leverage the same triggers to build your brand. It’s not easy, but it’s a powerful combination once …

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How To Build A Brand | Quick Wins #5

Should startups be focused on building a brand from day 1? This video dives into the difference between your logo and your brand, and what to focus on if you want to build a brand that leaves a mark on the world. Cast votes, build your reputation, and grow a brand that makes a difference. …

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