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Together with my team at Special Sauce, I help ambitious companies grow with clear brand messages and the right marketing. I’ve helped everyone from Wendy’s and Whole Foods to solopreneurs and startups solve big hairy brand and marketing challenges. Every Friday, I hand-deliver brand and marketing strategies to inboxes around the world. Grab The Recipe if you want one clear tip for improving your marketing this Friday.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Made Easy 

Word of mouth marketing isn’t luck. It’s a strategy anyone can craft. Think about the brands in your life. I’ll bet you can describe what each is about in a few words.  Apple is about design.  Nike is about human performance.  Walmart is about saving money.  Liquid Death is about murdering your thirst (with cans). 

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Copywriting That Gets People To Buy

Great direct response copywriting is like a mirror. A skilled copywriter can make us see ourselves in their copy. It almost feels like they’re typing our thoughts back to us.  Not tuning your copy to WIIFM (what’s in it for me) is where most copy goes wrong. Pay attention to the websites, emails, and ads

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